Hi, my name is Abhinav Dinesh
I'm a Front-End Engineer.

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I'm software engineer who loves front end development.
This is a place to round-up my works and social media profiles

I'm revamping my personal website and this site is a placeholder until that is complete

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Latest Projects

Cowin Pinger

Get notified on your phone when there is a vaccine slot available at your location, by running a script on your computer. Bundled into a neat npm library for ease of use.

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Find Me a Job

Aggregator of tech jobs from the leading tech parks in Kerala. Get email notifications for new job postings matching your search query.

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Trivia App

Test your trivia knowledge using the Trivia App. Built this to learn Clojure. Leverages the Open Trivia DB for trivia questions.

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Contact me on abhinavdinesh@live.com

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